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Looking Back


December 22, 2021

70 Years Ago

Week of Friday, December 21, 1951

Washington D.C. - Sometime in December the one-millionth traffic fatality is do to occur, based on the present rate of highway deaths in the United States.

The United States Olympic Ski team will train at Anderson Hill near Westby, according to Erling Hovde, president of Westby’s Snowflake Ski Club.


60 Years Ago

Week of Friday, December 22, 1961

Coach Don Kerr’s Cashton Eagles kept their standings atop the Scenic Central Conference with a lopsided, 79-45 win over Brookwood here Tuesday night.

All businesses in the Town of Jefferson are required to close Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, by 6:00 p.m. and remain closed until noon, Dec. 25.

50 Years Ago

Week of Thursday, December 23, 1971

Athlete of the month and Cashton High School is Dale Hanson. The 17-year old senior is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hanson.

Barbary Hansen, Postmaster Mabel Cole, Virginia Wavra and Dave Huntzicker are busy at the post office making sure Christmas greeting reach their destinations.

40 Years Ago

Week of Wednesday, December 23, 1981

Sacred Heart Church in Cashton will be filled with music on Christmas Eve as the choir will begin performing at 11:20 p.m. Midnight Mass will follow to celebrate the birth of Christ. Everyone is welcome.

More than 190,000 deer were harvested during the nine-day, gun deer hunt and the bow hunting season, setting a new state record.

30 Years Ago

Week of Wednesday, December 24, 1991

Softball is being considered by the Cashton School Board as an alternative spring sport for girls.

Paul and Geralyn Klinkner of Cashton were selected to receive this year’s Conversation Farmer of the Year Award.

20 Years Ago

Week of Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Miss Cashton, Amanda Arentz, presented artwork by local artist, Jeff Dickson, to Paul Arentz who won the bid for “Winter in Cashton” at the annual Torkelson Memorial Library Gala.

Cashton second grader, Robin Muenzenberger, tells his Christmas wishes during Santa’s visit to the elementary school.

10 Years Ago

Week of Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Annual torchlight Ski at Wildcat Mountain State Park takes place Saturday, January 7.

Whitney Hanson and Amber Dahl combined for 29 points in a 51-41 win over the Melrose Mustangs.


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