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How to make the Grinch grin


December 22, 2021

Cashton Elementary kindergarten classes explain… “How do you make the Grinch grin?”

Mrs. Hansbery’s Class

I would make him stay inside and wait for Christmas to be done. Then maybe he would like Halloween. Or I could let him play with Max. -Mckinley Herbrand

I would make a picture of Max for him because he likes Max. If he tells Max to do something he does it. - Charlie Herricks

I think the Grinch would be happy if he wouldn’t be naughty because then Santa would give him a present. -Eleanor Herricks

I would give him lots of candy canes because he might like them and might be hungry for them. -Kaylynn Klink

I would help Santa climb up the chimney and throw down candy canes to the Grinch. -Emerson Lundeen

I would sing him a Christmas song. It might be fun, I’m not sure. -Gideon Mason

I would give him a hug to make him feel better. -Braxton Matiak

I would give him presents because I think that would make him happy and that’s what Christmas is about. - Johanna Moreno

I would give him ice cream because it might make him happy. - Brendan Pellegrini

I would invite him to my house and sing a Grinch song and that would make him happy. - Austin Pitkin

I would help the Grinch enjoy the music more by the kids playing it more fun and quieter. - Charley Radcliffe

I would give him some friends because he needs friends to make him happy. -Emily Sanchez-Sanjuan

I would give him some treats because maybe that would make him happy. -Kennedy Schmitz

I would give him a hug to make him happy. Then he will like Christmas. - Caroline Schreier

I would give him Max. It makes him happy. - Allison Sprague

I would help him love Christmas and give him presents because Christmas is all about giving presents to other people. -Micah Watters

Mrs. Miller’s Class

Isaiah Anderson - I will give the Grinch whatever he wants so that he likes Christmas.

Leighton Anderson - I would celebrate Christmas with him and Max.

Maryann Brueggen - I will give the Grinch a Max badge because he loves his dog so much.

Addison Fawcett - I am going to give him a Santa suit so he

Layton Frederick - I will give the Grinch a Christmas tree and make him like Christmas trees.

Sadie Geier - I would make the Grinch Christmas dinner.

Taylon Genske - I will give him a mint pudding and a chocolate pudding with a green straw, my favorite color.

Dakota Goede - I will give the Grinch a fox because he likes loves foxes.

William Hundt - I will pet his dog Max because he loves his dog Max and that will make the Grinch happy.

Ross Isensee - I will give the Grinch a candy cane.

Terje Lind - I will pet the Grinch’s dog because he likes his dog.

Camlyn Mitoraj - I will give the Grinch a cup of coffee and his dog Max a bone.

Weston Peters - I will give him a bunny because bunnies are cute and he will like it.

Bailey Skrede - I would make him some supper.

Lauren Weiker - I will give the Grinch slippers because he doesn’t have any.

Mrs. Von Ruden’s Class

Ellen Bernett - I would give him a Christmas shirt with ornaments on it.

Owen Cina - I would give him Clifford the Big Red Dog so he has something warm to snuggle with.

Elaine Flock - I would give him money to buy food.

Carson Kuderer - I would give him a mouse so he can have it as a pet.

Ronaldo Lopez-Ceballos - I would give him a banana.

Kaitlyn Luther - I would turn him into Spiderman.

Spencer Luther - I would give him some Grinch underwear.

Tobias Miller - I would give him another dog and it should be a husky.

Chase Mlsna - I am going to give him Scooby-Do Legos.

Novaleigh Nevsimal - I will give the Grinch another dog.

Reyne Ripley - I will give him a strawberry cupcake with red frosting.

Olivia Schmitz - I will give him $100 to buy food.

Afton Snodgrass - I would give him 3 dogs - A German Shepard, A Husky and a Dalmatian.

Ivan Tirado-Hernandez - I would give him 100 billion dollars so he can buy a lot of dogs.

Lily Willis - I am going to put him in a unicorn dress.


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