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Why there was no paper last week…


By Me

Scheduling around unexpected emergencies, illness, doctor’s appointments and even death, have all been part of the publishing of Cashton’s weekly newspaper. But for the first time in over 21 years, we had to cancel an issue we had planned on putting out. With Mrs. Me and Me being the main staff, when COVID decided to make an appearance in our home it didn’t just drop in for a day, it stayed for close to two weeks. The entire ordeal concluded with a trip to the emergency room last Saturday.

We had both experienced the textbook symptoms, difficulty breathing, aches, loss of taste, no strength, no energy, a lot of anxiety and more. For Me, the onset of large, red welts on my lower extremities, and the swelling of the instep on my left foot were some of the last symptoms I would have. For Mrs. Me, one day after she thought she was feeling better she ended up in the emergency room for chest x-rays and an EKG – All while I waited in the car in the parking lot at a La Crosse Hospital.

She ended up with bacterial pneumonia in both lungs and was prescribed antibiotics.

Strangely, it is hard for Me to express in words how utterly exhausting and anxious the past two weeks have been. Laying in bed panting, trying to catch my breath, struggling to be upright, thinking I had to get out of bed to get to the office - While on quarantine - and watching as what I had was transferring itself to my wife.

I made it about on hour at the office on Monday, April 26th before I could no longer catch my breath. The plan was to go home, rest, and try again in a couple of hours. Mrs. Me was starting to show signs of having what I had. She seemed to be a couple of days behind Me in her symptoms, so getting back as soon as possible was imperative.

This all seemed surreal. The Wednesday before, when I received word from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services that I had tested positive, I had a headache, a runny nose and was exhausted. It seemed at the time the path forward was going to be to lock ourselves inside the office for the next 10 days and just go about our business. Like we have done in the past, we would just ‘figure it out’.

I laid in bed on Monday, my laptop beside Me trying to pluck away at some sort of column for the week. I look back now at what that ended up being and there is not much worth saving. But some parts do seem to reveal how I was feeling at the time…

I can’t even imagine being in critical enough condition to have to be hospitalized... it is inconceivable to Me how much this virus must have to torture someone before it steals a life...

By 1:00 p.m. on Monday, it was obvious there was no way to continue.

The next four days would unravel fast, for both of us.

Today, Sunday, we are back at the office doing our best to get the train back on the tracks. If you are reading this, this week, we have succeeded.

For Me, I know COVID is not gone, and while I may have let my guard down longing for a bit of normal, I will be getting my COVID shot at some point.

I never want this again!


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