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Additional citizen concerns voiced over alley project


January 13, 2021

Several residents appeared before the village board at the most recent meeting held on Wednesday, Jan. 6, with concerns about some of the upcoming road projects - with the majority of those concerns regarding the alley improvement portion of the Main Street project.

Bruce Amundson was concerned with the amount of property he would lose to the alley expansion, but said he wouldn’t be completely opposed to the project if it was only a few feet.

Tom and Cheryl Cummings, who had previously appeared before the board with concerns, expressed a similar sentiment, noting that they were also not entirely opposed to the project, but that they too did not want the alley to encroach on their property anymore.

Board president Bob Amundson noted that the board’s original intent with the alley improvement aspect of the project was to help property owners, but that with the amount of concerns and feedback that has come up from residents, the board is considering just leaving it as it is.

No decision was made, and the village will continue to look into this matter further to determine how and if the project will move forward.

Denise Osuski also appeared before the board with a concern regarding a driveway that she lost during a past road project. She noted that with alternate side parking now being implemented, she wanted somewhere to park off the street and that at the time of the road project she had offered to pay for the driveway to be replaced, but that nothing had come of it.

In other news, the police department will be purchasing a 15-foot road spike system to keep in one of the squad vehicles with some money that was left over from their recent fundraiser.

Chief Knutson also presented several prices and options for a new squad vehicle and a few different options for body camera replacements (the department’s current body camera system has been acting up lately and also having some problems with downloading data), as well as an option for the board to consider for outsourcing policy creation and maintenance to a company called Lexipol - which is what many other area departments use.

Nothing was decided on or approved regarding these topics, but will go to the committee level.

Chief Knutson also noted that alternate side parking has been going pretty well, considering this is the first year, but said that the board needs to make a decision on an amount for a parking violation ticket. He suggested somewhere around $15 for a first offense with increases for continuing violations, but no decision was made on the matter at this time.

Public Works Director, Dave Bekkum, reported that current road projects are going well and that more work has been done than was expected for this time of year.

The board approved a resolution providing for the sale of approximately $3,315.000 general obligation promissory notes after being presented with a draft of a pre-sale report from Ehlers Public Finance Advisors. The approval of this resolution allows for Ehlers to pursue financing for this endeavor and the awarding of the sale of the notes will be addressed at the February board meeting.


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