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December 16, 2020

By Me

The smallest amount of snow that remained on the ground Saturday morning added just the right touch for Santa's visit to Cashton. It wasn't the normal visit at the community hall, where children gathered to decorate cookies, waited their turn for the horse-drawn wagon rides, and watched Christmas movies while they anxiously anticipated the arrival of the Jolly Old Elf, but it was a day that turned into a magical one, nonetheless.

It has been a year most will not soon forget. So, hats off to the Cashton Community Club and Santa himself for finding a way to bring a bit of the mystery of this holiday season to the children, and adults of Cashton.

Many small fries and their parents were lined up along the streets in small family groups as Santa passed by, chauffeured by the Cashton Area Fire District engineers and escorted by the main fire engine. Others pulled back curtains and peeked out windows, waving as the small caravan passed. "Ho, Ho, Ho" echoed through the streets as Firemen invited Santa to use the loudspeaker on the truck to speak to the gatherings. Sirens pierced the cool air and lights twisted on the tops of the trucks to signal St. Nick's approach.

"In this time of uncertainty" - This has been an all too familiar phrase this year. But during it, like before it, some things are still certain. Moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas and all other family members will do everything in their power to make the holiday season as magical for their small ones as their parents made it for them.

Santa didn't just come for the show, he came to bring smiles and laughter to anyone who turned out to see him. Sometimes it was with a simple wave, and others to exchange a few kind words from a distance.

Santa's visit may have meant different things to different folks, but hopefully one thing we can draw from it is that we will make it through "this time of uncertainty", and that there are all of the "normal" things waiting for us.

Joy, happiness and goodwill toward men are not just illusions. They are as real as we dare to make them.

Saturday, Santa brought a touch of that to the some of the smallest residents of Cashton.


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