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Cashton FFA holds end of year virtual banquet


October 28, 2020

Cashton FFA members who attended the Leadership Development Events at Sparta. Hannah Klimek, Emma Schlesner, Bonita Hanley, Sarah Flock, Hailey Compton, Emma Leis, (back) MCKenzie Peters, Megan Culpitt, Naomi Mason, Rachel Klinkner, Lily Adams, and Izzi Mason.

Cashton High School FFA held their 2019-2020 FFA Banquet virtually recently. Below are award winners from the 2019-2020 school year.

Discovery Degrees... This degree is awarded to students who are in eighth grade and meet the following requirements: • Enroll in an. Agriculture class for at least a portion of a school year while in grades seven and eight. • Become a dues-paying FFA member at the chapter, state and national levels. • Participate in at least one FFA chapter activity outside of scheduled class time. • Have an understanding of agriculture-related careers and entrepreneurship opportunities. • Become familiar with the local FFA Chapter Program of Activities. Cashton students receiving their Discovery Degree include... Julia Boisen, Luke Clements, Savannah Compton, Reba Flock, Lana Gretebeck, Kate Gronemus, Abraham Harter, Brady Hemmersbach, Brett Hemmersbach, Lauren Huntzicker, Sammi Kleba, Colton Lee, Katie Leis, Zachary Hirschfield, and Dylan Kaduc.

Cashton FFA's Star Discovery Degree was presented to Abraham Harter! Abraham is always eater to get more involved and is always the first to volunteer to help at any FFA event!

Greenhand Degrees... The Greenhand degree is given to first-year high school students who have demonstrated that they have a thorough understanding of the history and purpose of FFA and have an SAE plan. Greenhand Degrees were presented to Ingrid Algulin, Helene Kneschke, Hailey Brownell, Austin Culpitt, Jacob Huntzicker, Hannah Klimek, Grace Leis, Zackry Mlsna, Colin O'Neil, Naomi Mason, Chelsie Paulson, Maddie Schendel, and Esden Schroeder.

Cashton FFA's Star Greenhand Degree was presented to Naomi Mason. Naomi can often be seen at our events helping out wherever she can. This year she also stepped out of her comfort zone and rocked the creed speaking competition! Naomi has a great start to her SAE where she not only works on a local dairy farm but also has started her own small flock of sheep.

Chapter Degree... To get your chapter degree you have to have satisfactory plans for a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), learn and explain the FFA Creed, FFA Mission and Motto, and FFA salute, describe and explain the meaning of the FFA emblem and FFA colors, Demonstrate an understanding of the FFA Code of Ethics and the proper use of the FFA jacket, demonstrate an understanding of the history of the organization, the chapter constitution and bylaws and the chapter Program of Activities, Own or have access to the Official FFA manual and the Official FFA student handbook, and have their Greenhand FFA Degree. Chapter Degrees were presented to Philip Brueggen, Hailey Compton, Darci Erickson, Hunter Flock, Tristin Grant, Zach Harris, Olivia Hemmersbach, Hailey Huntzicker, Emma Leis, Gracey Mlsna, Paige Olson, Wyatt Olson, Shyla Peterson, Austin Schaldach, Bennet Schmitz, Preston Schreier, Garrett Steinhoff, and Bret Wall.

The Star Chapter Degree was presented to Emma Leis! Emma has always had a passion for Agriculture and FFA She attends any conferences and local events that fit into her schedule. She also loves spending time on her Beef SAE broadening her knowledge and love for her cattle.

State Degree... The State FFA Degree is the highest degree that a member can earn at the state level. To achieve this degree, members must have earned their chapter and green hand degrees as well as complete an extensive application. A large portion of the application consists of each members' SAE but other aspects of the application include a list of FFA activities, community service, and numerous other requirements. Congratulations to Lily Adams, Rachel Klinkner, and Sarah Flock, for receiving their State Degree.

State Band and Choir Participants... The State FFA Honors Band and Chorus gives young musicians the chance to perform in front of thousands while wearing the blue and gold. In order to be a member of the band or chorus, members must fill out an application, submit a recording of themselves, and have a directors' evaluation. Based on these three items, the state directors determine who will represent Wisconsin in their respective sections. Even though these members did not have a chance to perform at either the State Fair or the State Convention, their accomplishment will not go unnoticed. FFA band members include Rachel Klinkner and Lily Adams. FFA Chorus members are Megan Culpitt, Sarah Flock, Garret Steinhoff, Alyssa Carpenter, and Annie Schreier.

The FFA Agri-science Fair recognizes student researchers studying the application of agricultural principles and emerging technologies in agriculture. The agri-science fair is for middle and high school students. Participants must be in grades 7-12 and conduct a specific research project pertaining to the agriculture and food science industries and present their findings to a panel of judges with a display and a report. This year, Megan Culpitt participated! This year's competition was a little different. State Convention was held online so the Agri-science Fair was also virtual. At the state level, Megan received a Gold Placing and will be advancing to the national competition this fall! Here is a summary by Megan explaining her project... "My project was a screening of various insecticide options for organic dairy farmers to use to control the potato leafhopper population. I sampled plots sprayed with each insecticide as well as a control with no treatment and examined the effect on the leafhopper population. The end results indicated that while there was no significant difference in the date, certain ingredients may be able to help design a compound for future use. This project helped me not only further my research skills but learn about different aspects of agriculture that I have a little knowledge about previously."

Scholarships... To honor the years of hard work and dedication seniors have exhibited throughout their time in FFA, the Cashton FFA alumni provides scholarships to active members. After reviewing this year's submitted applications, the Cashton FFA Alumni has awarded the following students with scholarships... Brianna Wanek $1,000, Lily Adams $750, Rachel Klinkner $750, Emma Gronemus $500, Sarah Flock $500, Allison Brownell $500, Katelyn Schmitz $500, and Gracey Mlsna $500.

This year Cashton FFA had a total of 12 people attend the Wisconsin FFA District 8 Leadership Development Events at Sparta High School on Monday, January 27th. Our members participated in many events. Naomi Mason and Hannah Klimek participated in Creed with Naomi Mason receiving 1st place. Hailey Compton and Sarah Flock participated in Extemporaneous Speaking. Rachel Klinkner participated in Prepared Speaking and placed 1st in the competition. Emma Leis and Lily Adams participated in Discussion Meet, and Lily Adams received 1st place. Izzi Mason and Emma Schlesner participated in Employment Skills. Emma Schlesner, Izzi Mason, Bonita Hanley, Rachel Klinkner, McKenzie Peters, and Megan Culpitt participated in Parliamentary Procedure. Naomi Mason, Rachel Klinkner, and Lily Adams all moved on to sectionals.

Congratulations to Cashton FFA Middle School officers for 2019-2020... President Chase Olson, Vice President Brady Hemmersbach, Secretary Kate Gronemus, and Sentinel Ethan Klinkner.

The last fruit sale was another successful fundraiser for our chapter. Our total sales were over $36,000 and we had 67 families and individuals participate. To make quota, individuals had to sell $350 and families had to sell $450. Our top two individual sellers were Bonita Hanley and Rachel Klinkner. The top two families were the Brownell family and the Mason family.

Members that participated in FFA all four years of high school include... Brianna Wanek, Lily Adams, Alison Brownell, Rachel Klinkner, Katelyn Schmitz, Sarah Flock, and Emma Gronemus.

The three circle model of Agricultural Education includes classroom instruction, a supervised agricultural experience, and involvement in the FFA. Students that excel in all three areas are recognized with an FFA letter. Students that have a minimum of 90 hours in an agricultural classroom course or Supervised Agricultural experience, have been on the honor roll all school year, and have participated in FFA events beyond the local level are eligible to receive a letter. This year's letter recipients are... First letter: Caleb Amundson, Devon Amundson, Hailey Brownell, Stephanie Brueggen, Alyssa Carpenter, Alyssa Compton, Hailey Compton, Austin Culpitt, Hunter Flock, Tristin Grant, Zach Harris, Olivia Hemmersbach, James Hundt, Hailey Huntzicker, Jacob Huntzicker, Emma Leis, TJ Leis, Naomi Mason, Gracey Mlsna, Zack Mlsna, Colin O'Neil, Paige Olson, Wyatt Olson, Chelsie Paulson, McKenzie Peters, Austin Schaldach, Maddie Schendel, Bennet Schmitz, Preston Schreier, Esden Schroeder, Garrett Steinhoff, Bret Wall. First Bar: Philip Brueggen, and Darci Erickson. Second Bar: Megan Culpitt, Bonita Hanley, Izzi Mason, Emma Schlesner, and Annie Schreier. Third Bar: Lily Adams, Allison Brownell, Sarah Flock, Emma Gronemus, Rachel Klinkner, Katelyn Schmitz, and Brianna Wanek.

This year's honorary FFA degree recipients are Bart and Cindy Culpitt! Bart and Cindy have volunteered for numerous events over the last few years including casino night and community service projects and are always willing to help with clean-up after events. They hosted the officer team very graciously for officer pictures last year and have always provided solid advice to the team when needed. Bart and Cindy are great supporters of the FFA and volunteer whenever possible.

At Leadership Development Events in Sparta Naomi Mason received 1st place in the Creed, Rachel Klinkner placed 1st in Prepared Speaking, and Lily Adams received 1st in Discussion Meet.

The DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment Award is an annual award established in 1947 to honor high school seniors across the US for their excellence in scholarship, leadership, and their current and future agricultural work experience. This year's DEKALB award winner excels in all three of these areas and is going to make a great addition to the Agricultural community once she graduates from UW-Madison! Congratulations Brianna Wanek, our 2020 DEKALB Award Winner!

In the summer of 2019, we had four young ladies earn a trip to Oklahoma for the National Soils Judging Contest! They were in the top 5 at the State Soils Contest which earned them their trip. Unfortunately, the 2020 National Soils Contest was cancelled, and these young ladies did not get the opportunity to represent us in Oklahoma. But we are still extremely proud of each of them and their hard work and dedication to our soils team over the past years! Congratulations Allison Brownell, Megan Culpitt, Bonita Hanley, and Izzi Mason!


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