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Anticipated increase in state aid & decrease in levy presented at annual school board meeting


October 7, 2020

The annual school board meeting for the school district of Cashton was held on Monday, Sept. 28 and according to estimated numbers available at the time of the meeting, the district will be looking at a potential increase in state equalization aid, which would in turn result in a decrease in the tax levy.

School administrator, Ryan Alderson, presented the 2020-2021 budget report, which detailed an anticipated revenue limit of $5,678,000 (an increase of $105,773 from last year), as well as $4,551,741 in anticipated state aid (an increase of $227,157 from last year). The estimated amount of equalization aid comes in at $4,550,441, but will not be finalized until Oct. 15.

The total property tax levy is estimated to be $2,040,344 (a decrease of $167,049 from last year’s amount of $2,207,443). The mill rate for this year has also been estimated to be 8.56, down from the 2019-2020 amount of 9.36.

Regarding enrolled head count, as of Sept. 11, the district is looking at an increased student population of 629 compared to 622 in September 0f 2019.

Because finalized numbers for equalization aid, equalized value for the district and school membership numbers are not available until mid-October, these budget numbers are the best estimates available at the time, and may be subject to change.

During the annual meeting, Alderson also gave a superintendent’s report that included new staff introductions and a summary of recent facilities improvements that have been made.


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