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Mayo donates $40K to Scenic Bluffs


September 23, 2020

Mayo Clinic Health System has donated $40,000 to the Scenic Bluffs Health Centers for its new dental clinic. This donation recognizes the importance of oral health and community access to quality dental care and will be used to purchase needed patient care supplies.

Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers opened its new dental clinic in La Crosse on Sept. 3, bringing another option to area residents to receive dental care ― regardless of income or insurance. The dental clinic is open Thursdays, but Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers says it plans to expand services in 2021. Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers operates similar dental clinics in Cashton and Viroqua, Wisconsin.

“Part of providing quality dental care is having adequate supplies on hand when patients come to the clinic,” says Amy Schanhofer, Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers. “Supplies and equipment are probably not something patients think about during their visit, but supplies are the tools the dentists, hygienists and staff use to treat and examine patients. Mayo Clinic Health System’s generous donation will help purchase, stock and replenish supplies for the clinic.”

“It is our priority to ensure all members of our community have access to all the components of their health care, including oral health,” says Paul Mueller, M.D., regional vice president, Southwest Wisconsin Region, Mayo Clinic Health System. “Oral health is a key component of total-person care, and routine dental checkups can help identify other health conditions that could otherwise go undetected. Proper oral hygiene and screenings may also prevent health conditions not always associated with the mouth, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.”

“We support the Scenic Bluffs dental center because we know that access to dental care is essential for everyone in our community,” adds Teri Wildt, director of Community Engagement for Mayo Clinic Health System. “When you are worried about the cost, you may delay seeking care until there is an emergency and the only option is tooth extraction ― often occurring in an emergency department. A missing tooth can affect your appearance, your self-esteem and even your ability to find a job. We want to help people access regular care so they can maintain their dental health and avoid unnecessary pain and extractions.”


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