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Looking Back


August 19, 2020

70 Years Ago

Week of Friday, August 18, 1950

Cashton’s new lighted ballpark was used for the first time Wednesday night and the home team came through with a decisive 12-2 win over Mindoro in a Little Eight tussle.

The Cashton public Schools will open Tuesday, September 5 for the 1950-51 school year. A complete teaching personnel of six grade teachers and nine high school instructors has been secured for the term.

60 Years Ago

Week of Friday, August 19, 1960

A swarm of bees buzzed into town Monday afternoon, settling on the tailpipe of Jake Seitz’ car, parked in front of Wavra’s tavern. Hugh Bacon, a bee man, drove Jakes’ car out of town and the bees shook loose.

All 4-H clubs are invited to enter floats in the Fall Festival parade. Sept. 11. Nominations and applications are also being accepted for queen candidates. Any Cashton High School Senior girl is eligible to be entered.

50 Years Ago

Week of Thursday, August 20, 1970

Most of the 710 pupils in the Cashton Public School system will begin the 1970-71 term on Wednesday, August 26th. The trimester plan will have scheduled classes beginning at 8:20 and ending at 3:29.

Four Holsteins and one Jersey cow were killed by lighting on a Cashton farm last week. Another Holstein was injured. The strike occurred at the Harry Siverhus farm while the herd stood beneath an apple tree.

40 Years Ago

Week of Wednesday, August 20, 1980

Pat Brueggen, Mike Flock and David Leis have been named this year’s Football Weight Training Winners.

The reserved tickets for the upcoming Cashton Lion’s Country-Western Spectacular, starring the Kendalls, are starting to sell at a good, brisk pace, according to Marty Erickson, chairman of the event.

30 Years Ago

Week of Wednesday, August 29, 1990

Autumn Zietlow, along with her father Dwight and sister Wind, tended produce her family brought to the Farmer’s Market last Saturday at the corn plant just south of Cashton on Highway 27.

The Almost Autumn Festival will offer good food and music this Sunday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Cashton.

20 Years Ago

Week of Wednesday, August 16, 2000

The new Agricultural Facility at the Cashton High School will be up and running in time for the beginning of the upcoming school year.

Cashton Boy Scout Troop 60 came home from summer camp, at Camp Decorah, as Honor Troop of the Week. Neatness of tents, personal gear, bunks, and grounds were among the criteria judged. The troop was first every day of camp.

10 Years Ago

Week of Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last Tuesday, author Kevin Alderson and is wife and illustrator, Patsy were on hand at the Cashton Memorial Library to officially present Barns Without Corners chronicling Vernon County’s landmark, round barns.

There was enough rainfall Friday morning to cause a small landslide on Albion Street, where a portion of front lawn found its way into the street.


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