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Cashton Library searching for annuals to complete collection


The Cashton Memorial Library is seeking assistance in collecting past Cashton High School yearbooks to help complete the library’s collection. The library is looking for the following years…

1952 1960 1978 1988 1998 2001

1953 1961 2007

1954 1963 2009

1956 1965

1957 1966



Yearbooks earlier than the year 1950 would be welcome as well. The yearbooks, one of the most popular reference items at the library, are used many times by patrons to assist with class reunion planning, genealogy research, and for the pure enjoyment of seeing past pictures of family, friends and teachers. The photos and information in the books are an invaluable community treasure and the library wants to make sure they are preserved and available for people to use for years to come. Due to this popularity, the library is planning to digitize the collection to help preserve this history. If anyone reading this article has yearbooks from the above years and would be willing to donate them to the library’s collection, please contact the Cashton Memorial Library at 654-5465.


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