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Over 120 tested at Scenic Bluffs hosts community Covid-19 Testing Event


Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers hosted a community COVID-19 testing event on Wednesday, May 20th from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Scenic Bluffs in Cashton. The event, which was open to both symptomatic and asymptomatic people, allowed for testing of more than 120 individuals, with no cost to individuals tested.

The goal of this event was to make testing accessible to individuals, especially those in front facing positions that have been working (people who haven’t had the ability to work remotely) through this pandemic. Since this was the first community-wide testing event for Scenic Bluffs, publicity for the event was done through word-of-mouth, local posters and conversations with local businesses.

“We kept this outreach relatively small because we had a limited number of tests and we wanted to make sure we worked out the kinks in the system we had established”, said Mari Freiberg, CEO of Scenic Bluffs. “We wanted to make sure with this event that we could identify any areas for improvement for the next time. It went well and we learned quite a bit.” Scenic Bluffs plans on hosting additional COVID-19 testing events in the future, but have not yet scheduled events at this time.


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