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Vernon County Sheriff's Report


From the week ending May 18, 2020

With warm weather underway, our roads will become busier with motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Sheriff Spears urges everyone to be aware and alert for motorcycles as they can be less visible than other motor vehicles. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, and yield to them in crosswalks. Young children may be on or near roadways on their bikes or other recreational equipment and may not be paying full attention to traffic. Help keep our little ones safe by being extra vigilant and watching for them.


Public or private? How do I know if I’m trespassing?

Stream access laws for fishing – Per the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, navigability determines whether a waterway is public or private. Navigable streams are public waterways. Because they are public, you may use them for fishing provided public access is available or you have permission from the land owner. As long as you keep your feet wet, you may walk along the bed of the stream and fish in any navigable stream. Remember to purchase your fishing license. View the Wisconsin DNR website for more helpful tips!


Pursuant to Governor Tony Evers Emergency Order #15, Sheriff Sales are temporary canceled.

Until further notice, in compliance with CDC limitations, to reduce the spread of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), Sheriff Spears is limiting nonessential / nonemergent services including all meetings scheduled at the sheriff’s office, license plate registrations, jail visitation, etc. In order to report an incident, or questions / inquiries in general, please call the Vernon County Dispatch Center at 608-637-2123 or email: [email protected] Civil Process / Record Request inquiries can be forwarded to 608-638-5710 or email: [email protected] As directed by Sheriff Spears, if you are experiencing symptoms of the Coronavirus or Flu-like symptoms, please identify this to the dispatcher before a deputy makes contact at your residence. Precautions are being taken in this facility to maintain the health and wellness of staff, inmates, and visitors alike. Thank you for your understanding.


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