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January 22, 2020

By Me

In a little less than one week, I will be sitting on a beach in Mexico holding a drink in one hand, and Mrs. Me next to Me. It will be the first time in her life that Mrs. Me will have been outside the boarders of the United States, and the first time she will have been on a plane.

Thirty-years on February 24… Wow! Where has the time gone?

I remember the day clearly, and I have never seen a more beautiful bride with a more perfect smile. I felt truly blessed.

We spent the night in a hotel room in Black River Falls. We were young and didn’t have a lot of money, so a honeymoon wasn’t on the list of post wedding things to do. On Monday it was back to work.

We would spend the next 29 years raising a family, and weekend camping was our biggest adventure. It is one of the best things we did for our children. After all, is there anything that compares to outdoor adventures when you are a kid?

It wasn’t until Micro Me was about four-years-old that we would finally take our family on a vacation that lasted longer than one weekend. That was after I agreed to be the best man for my cousin’s wedding in Colorado. I knew when he asked that I would do it. What I didn’t know was how we were going to afford it.

We set about planning our trip, using folded paper maps and an atlas. There was no MapQuest, or GPS, or Garmin or cell phone navigation tools. We used the mileage sections on each map to determine how far to drive each day and where we would make hotel reservations. The plan was to drive straight through to Colorado, near Denver, stay the weekend and then drive home through South Dakota and see the sights there.

It was, to this date, the best family vacation we have ever been on. But to be truthful, there have only really been two. The second came a few years later, before One would head off to college, when we returned to the Black Hills and South Dakota with three other families to see the sights. That, too, was a great trip.

Since then, Mrs. Me and I have settled for a few four-day weekends. That is, until this year.

A person can say, “We’ll do it someday” for so long before it’s too late. When friends asked us if we wanted to join a group heading to Mexico for a seven day stay it didn’t take long for us to say, “Okay.”

And, like before, we started to wonder how we were going to afford the trip.

At the time it seemed like this vacation was never going to get here. Now, we have started packing and are worried we will forget something.

Next Tuesday Mrs. Me will board her first plane. For Me it will not be the first time flying, but it will be the biggest plane and the longest flight, by far, I have ever taken.

It seems like a good time to go. It is close to our anniversary, and since we never had a honeymoon this is as good of a way to celebrate as any.

Now there is just a lot to get done before we leave.


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