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Greener Cashton update


January 8, 2020

New Year, new enthusiasm! It’s great to start the year with more Cashton stores than ever offering you 5¢ back for each reusable bag you use in place of a single use plastic bag. Try it out at Hansen’s IGA (Cashton & Westby), Organic Valley Retail Store, Mabel’s on Main, Maple Valley, Lind’s Hardware, Marcella’s Child, Grandma’s Bakery, & Pasture Pride. Don’t forget you can use your bags wherever you shop. You may have noticed IGA Westby and Sparta now also encouraging us with 5¢ back, and whilst Christmas shopping, several stores in Onalaska gave me a store incentive for my reusable bags. Where have you received it? The nickel is nice, but it really helps not working against the checkout process when I get my bags out and hand over.

December progress was 499 reusable bags recorded as used in IGA, Organic Valley Retail Store and Maple Valley. This brings our recorded total since April to 2,707. Reusable bags have been used in the OV Retail store since before our initiative began, and their recorded use of 3,097 bags in their store during 2019 is encouraging and inspiring!

Make using reusable bags when shopping your New Year’s resolution for 2020!


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