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Make a powerful impact with Power of 100+ Driftless Region

Next Meeting Set for August 4th


In the fall of 2016, Power of 100+ Driftless Region was launched in an effort to make an immediate, direct, and positive local impact with charitable dollars. After an initial donation of $2,400, the group has steadily grown and donated over $60,000 in less than three years to organizations and causes in the local area.

Every three months, members of the group gather together and listen to three nominated causes that compete to win a $100 check from each member. The pooling together of donations turns a smaller donation of $100 into a much more significant gift. As the membership grows, the impact the group has rises drastically. On the first Sunday in August, Power of 100+ will meet in Viroqua and give away over $8,000.

The meetings are intentionally kept short and simple. Co-founders, Randi Strangstalien and Jenna Bean, are community-oriented individuals who lead busy lives outside running the volunteer-based organization. “As active members in our communities, our time and funds are limited,” Bean, of Coon Valley, explains. “With The Power of 100+, we have a simple mechanism to make a huge impact.” Bean sees opportunity for people who don’t have time for volunteering, but still want to be active in growing and supporting their communities.

Strangstalien, of Westby, is passionate about Power of 100+ being a charitable giving organization open to anyone. “Our youngest member is 23 and our oldest member will be turning 90 this fall! It’s a space for people who want to do good, and that has been such a unifying theme for us over the years.” Strangstalien continued, “Although we consider Cashton, Chaseburg, Coon Valley, Viroqua and Westby to be our local area, we’ve supported causes in places like Stoddard and Kickapoo and have members throughout the state of Wisconsin that have a tie back and a love for this area.”

To join, the commitment for each member involves pledging $100 per meeting for a total of $400 per year. The group meets four times a year for about a half hour each time and learns about three randomly selected charities nominated by members. The members of the group vote and one winner is selected to receive the individual checks of $100 from the members. The checks are written directly to the local agency, not a foundation or Power of 100+, so there are no administrative fees or transactions.

The Power of 100+ Driftless Region is open to anyone interested in directly impacting our local communities. It is an opportunity to meet new people and learn about unique organizations within the Driftless Region.

The next meeting will be held at Tap House 138 (the American Legion) in Viroqua on Sunday, August 4th at 4:00 p.m. (Doors open at 3:30.) New members are welcome to sign-up at any time, including at the meeting. Interested guests are always welcome to attend a meeting to get a better understanding of how the organization works. For more information and/or to sign up, visit or contact Randi Strangstalien at (608) 606-0448 or [email protected]


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