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April 17, 2019

Hello friends,

Daylight is just appearing on the eastern horizon. I am alone on a frozen Canadian lake and I am about to start drilling holes with my Jiffy auger and fish for walleye. Life is good as I drill and drill and then realize there is more ice than I have auger. Good thing I had an extension as on this given day on Red Lake in Red Lake, Ontario there is 48-inches of excellent ice.

Saturday, April 6

High 47, low 26

Here is the scoop! In a variety of ways I have been connected with Chimo Lodge and Outposts since 1982. The owners Pete and Elizabeth Hagedorn who are both in their 80’s are my very good friends and last year they sold Chimo, and I am happy to say that the new owners are very cool as well.

I drove up here yesterday for Pete’s birthday and I am going to fish and visit with friends. Back to the auger, I have never needed an extension. My pals say they have had one heck of a winter, so have we. A common conversation was, would the ice be gone by mid May when the tourist “Americans” come back.

For three days I fished every day from the Hagedorns house and in one way or another there was a social experience each day.

I have two buddies that are my age and are world-class travelers with the Hagedorns. Doug Van Dusen and Duane Reddel have both led very successful lives. Doug owned a mining supply business that helped supply the local gold mines and he also owned a fishing resort on Nungessor Lake. Doug is 57 and retired last year.

The social fabric of Red Lake has changed a ton in the last year as almost every long term fly in resort and many drive ins have been sold.

Duane Reddell flew float-planes for Green Airways back in the 80’s and we became friends when I was camp manager at Chimo Lodge. Back in the day when Duane would fly into camp if he had time I would make him chocolate chip pancakes. I worked all over in the bush, most of the time alone. I was generally checked on and supplied once a week.

Many of the times Duane flew in supplies and at that time I would give him a list for what I thought I would need in a week and that was my human contact for a week.

When Pete Hagedorn created Chimo Air he convinced Duane to be his chief pilot and even after Duane took over the job as manager of the Red Lake airport he still flew for Pete on weekends because he loves to fly.

Pete and Elizabeth have taken care of me in one way or another since I was in my mid 20’s. Pete is even coming down for Selina’s graduation and in reality they are toughest and smartest couple that I have ever known.

Two or three years ago, Pete and Elizabeth went over to visit Evelyn Manning, the owner of Canadian Fly In Fishing. Evelyn had just arrived at her home in Red Lake and when Evelyn and Elizabeth saw each other they walked towards each other a bit to rapid and while hugging, fell on top of each other and Elizabeth broke her hip.

A lot of people thought the worst but Elizabeth battled back and with Pete still lives a good life and takes care of a three-story home.

Both Pete and Elizabeth were kids growing up in Germany during WWII and though they have trouble speaking of the subject they hate war and have always insisted that Hitler did not represent the average German but was just an incredible propaganda/control person.

One of the days Pete, Doug, Duane and myself just sat in lawn chairs on the ice, kind of fished for walleye and gators and had a great time.

Every night we had a meal together and I just kept thinking about all the incredible experiences, friendships, and memories that were created because of my days in the Canadian bush which is exactly where this column was born.

I am a lucky guy!



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