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Village board approves installation of flashing four way light at intersection of Main and Broadway


October 10, 2018

The Cashton Village Board approved the installation of an electric four-way flashing sign to hang above the Broadway and Main Street intersection at their regular meeting on Oct. 3.

The board had received a resident complaint regarding the traffic through the intersection which led to this action. Currently, traffic through the intersection is controlled by yield signs, however, the concern was that those signs are not always being obeyed and traffic is often traveling at high speeds through the intersection.

Public Works Director, Dave Bekkum, presented cost information on two sign options, including an electric and solar version.

According to Bekkum, the purchase cost for an electric version would be approx. $1,070, while a solar version would be around $4,555.

Bekkum and board members discussed a few other options to help with traffic at the intersection during busier times, including potentially having police patrol the area a little more and installing bump outs – which would narrow traffic lanes and allow the yield signs to be placed closer to the actual intersection. The bump out project, however, would be a much more extensive and expensive project.

The board voted unanimously to purchase and install the electric sign with plans to get it installed yet this fall. The lights will run for 24 hours.

Initially, Board President Bob Amundson suggested setting up a timer for the lights to run on and having it turned off from approximately midnight until 6 am, however, board member Rita Byers suggested leaving it on 24 hours a day – at least to begin with.

Bekkum added that without a timer, there will be less mechanics to set up and deal with and that with the lights being LED, not much current would be used anyway.

Bekkum also presented an estimate received regarding the cost to move playground equipment. The bid was for $19,340 to move the equipment approximately 200 yards away from its present location. The board is still waiting to hear back about another estimate – so no action was taken on this topic.

Cashton resident, Jerome Hundt appeared before the board to express concern with the traffic flow on Schneider Street. Hundt noted that he often sees many small children on bikes and walking in this area and that traffic is often traveling faster than it should – particularly later in the evening – but that at those times there are still often children out. The board conceded that with the school buses coming through that area, the traffic has seemed heightened lately. They discussed the possibility of getting some Children at Play signs and having police patrol the area a bit more.

Mari Freiberg, CEO of Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers, presented the board with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Cashton Village Board and Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers. The document defines the shared efforts between the two organizations regarding emergency response communication and actions.

Later in the meeting the board also approved the organization of a committee for the new emergency response plan. Rita Byers and Derek Dickman were assigned to the committee to work on creating a new plan for the village.


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