Cashton Record - An Independent Wisconsin Newspaper... Serving The Cashton Area For Over 120 Years!

About Cashton Record

In August of 1896, J.J. McManamy introduced the Cashton Record to southern Monroe County, in Cashton Wisconsin. Through the decades, the paper has changed hands a few times. Editors: J.J. McManamy, Jan. 4, 1900-March 1, 1900; E. Steinbrecher, June 25, 1937-Feb. 4, 1938; M.E. Hagen, Feb. 11, 1938-Nov. 7, 1969; M. Erickson, Nov. 13, 1969-May 27, 1981; Thomas Besl (info not available); Rose and Jerry Eddy (?-Dec. 1998); Paul and Kim Fanning, Dec. 1998-present.

In December of 1998, Paul and Kim Fanning purchased the paper. Both grew up in small, agriculturally based communities. A few short months later they made the move, along with their three small children, to Cashton. Their goals were simple – Maintain the paper as locally owned, and keep it independent.

With a focus on the community and the surrounding area, the Cashton Record has offered a source for local news and events through the eyes of people who live and work in the small community of Cashton.

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